oceans. It is indispensable to our civilization. There is no doubt that it is a finite resource and its use must be reduced. It is the mainstay of our economy, from the companies that bring the oil to market, to companies that transform it into products that we use every day. It is difficult to grasp the sheer volume of products that are made from petroleum; products many of us do not realize we in our everyday life are created from this precious mineral. In the world wide effort to conserve oil, the plethora of technology on the market is growing exponentially and its efficiency as well. We have solar panels and solar farms, wind turbines, wave technology, and heat towers.
Along with oil fired power plants, we have nuclear, coal, and hydroelectric power facilities. We have technology that is still experimental like Plasma Arc waste to energy plants that can take garbage, heat it to 5000 degrees and create products like hydrogen, bio diesel, building materials, electric power and on and on. All are viable.  All will take time. Time to get them approved, get past political processes and the demands on safety and time to build all are part of getting them "On Line." Time, we are beginning to know, we don't have. As important as it is to "Go Green", companies are becoming increasingly aware that being a "Green Responsible Organization" is fast becoming a standard that potential customers would choose to be associated with. There is no doubt that the LLS Mission has the quickest and most cost effective way to become a "Green Responsible Organization" with the added bonus of an impressive return on investment is by installing LED lighting.

is the "One Stop Shop" to re-lamp with LED lighting. Know that we have many other types of lighting and we will implement other simple to use and install products and technology to maximize the reduction of your energy consumption. We guarantee that you will receive the most cost effective return on your investment and that your company can proudly state it is among the growing elite of "Green Responsible Companies."  Through our efforts, and your commitment to help conserve our planets finite oil resources and reduce greenhouse gases. Together we can testify to the commitment of your company's environmental responsibility. Your decision to use LLS will instantly reduce your carbon foot print and have a positive impact your bottom line.
LED Lighting Solutions, Inc (LLS) is on a mission. Our mission is to decrease our civilization's dependency on petroleum. We have the most expedient and cost effective technology to accomplish this. Simply by changing your old florescent and incandescent lighting to the new and green LED Lighting products we install. The effect on a company's carbon footprint is immediate. Most of us on planet earth understand this to be one of the most serious issues our species has encountered to date. Even more in our hearts and minds, we all know in some way we all helped to create it; the dependency on OIL. Petroleum was created millions of years ago and pooled in some of the most, fragile land areas on Earth, located in the most difficult and dangerous places on Earth; our deep
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